Family Studies and Human Development & Leadership, Learning and Literacy Double Major with a Spanish Minor, Junior
First Year

Luis’s biggest passions in life is working with children and seeing how they develop over the lifespan and the changes they undergo. He is all about helping people and offering a hand to those in need; hoping to make a difference in the lives of children and families. He is part of the UA Future Teacher’s club, C.O.E Leaders and College of Education Ambassador at The University of Arizona. He used to teach English through an organization called First Future Main, which he got the chance to serve as an online teacher for Japanese and Philippines speakers. After graduation, he hopes to work for a nonprofit organization such as the Easter Seals Blake Foundation or in the foster care system while pursuing a master’s degree in School Counseling at Northern Arizona University. He wants to be all over the place and this degree will give him the chance to explore the many opportunities that are out there.

During his spare time, he enjoys dancing, learning American Sign Language, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends. He is a bilingual speaker: Spanish and English. He has practiced karate for over more than 4 years.

He is excited for having been given the chance to be part of the Take Charge CATS organization which will provide him with the tools necessary to make a difference in this beautiful community; Tucson.